Products exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and other regions

  • Spray towers exist as a treatment equipment for environmentally friendly waste gas treatment. When dusty or oily waste gas passes through the spray tower, liquid media is sprayed from a suitable position inside the tower (depending on the design), some of which are alkaline solution and some are sulfuric acid solution. If the exhaust gas contains acidity, choose alkaline solution spraying to neutralize acidity. If the exhaust gas contains alkalinity, choose sulfuric acid solution for absorption. At present, our company has reached close cooperation with multinational enterprises and exported equipment to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other regions.


  • The company and its partners have jointly optimized and upgraded a production line with a higher degree of automation, which can meet most of the basic demands of sheet metal processing in the market, such as surface anti-static, hardening, anti blue light, and anti dizziness. They have also built a thousand level dust-free workshop, providing better guarantee for product quality. At the same time, our company has processing, cutting, and carving instruments, which can provide customized products for customers.